Is Your Property Photo Ready?

For images to have the greatest impact, ensure your property is ready! De-cluttered, clean spaces are vital to creating successful images.

The Fundamentals

  • Clear all surfaces of unnecessary clutter
  • Ensure windows are clean especially if you have a view
  • Pay particular attention to key areas
  • Ensure all lights & lamps are functioning
  • Remove bins (inside & out), toys, pets, pet beds & bowls
  • Remove vehicles from driveways
  • Remove magnets & papers from fridges
  • Keep kitchen appliances to a minimum
  • Remove soaps, shampoos & conditioners along with any personal grooming items from bathrooms

Your Property May Not Be Ready If...

  • You haven't inspected the property prior to the photoshoot
  • You have untidy tenants occupying the property
  • You have not educated vendors or tenants on what's required

If Your Property Is Not Ready...

  • We may not be able to shoot
  • Your number of shots will be limited
  • Deadlines can be compromised


  • Assist the photographer - we're here to help!
  • Less is more
  • Dust & grime won't always show up